One of the many questions we receive from PGSL Parents and Family Members is: “How can I help?”  The easy answer is that there is always something we can use help from our Parents and Families to make our League go.  We have both On Field and Off Field Opportunities that come available every year as we have PGSL Families move on due to their daughters aging out and moving on to High School.  Here are some of the positions:

  • Photo Day Coordinator
  • Uniform Coordinator
  • Player Agent(s)
  • Opening Day/Closing Picnic Coordinator(s)
  • Field Care Manager(s)
  • Team Mom Coordinator
  • Future Board Members
  • Webmaster

Should ANY of these positions interest you, or if you have a skill or talent that you think can benefit our league, please reach out and let us know!  Please e-mail: